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Hanyoung Nux are supplying temperature control, measurement instruments, Timer, Counter, Panel meter and Proximity sensor which are necessary in automation industry. Hanyoung products are used in various industries to make an up-to-date technology. Global market became very competitive. Since 1972, we've been doing efforts at research & development, innovative production system, quality management, ERP system to have competitiveness of quality, technology and price. Hanyoung History are as below:
ㆍ2007.07 Elected as special company of part and material
ㆍ2006.10 Modification of ISO 9001 calibration center
ㆍ2006.01 NEP(Certification of new product) – maping sensor Union of HANYOUNG group
(HANYOUNG NUX, HANYOUNG autocontrol, HANYOUNG electronic, Kimpo plastic engineering
ㆍ2005.10 Opening of Cheonan branch office
ㆍ2004.03 Establishment of Indonesia factory
ㆍ2003.12 Movement of company (Inchoen Juan)
ㆍ2003.04 Establishment of Shanghai HANYOUNG electronic co., ltd of CHINA
ㆍ2003.01 Assigned as Venture Company
ㆍ2002.07 EM Best product quality certification mark
ㆍ2002.04 Acquire of ISO 17025 KOLAS
ㆍ2002.01 UL mark in 3 type of Temp. controller
ㆍ2000.07 Assigned as Venture Company
ㆍ2000.05 UL mark in 9 type of Temp. controller
ㆍ2000.03 CE mark in 11 type of Temp. controller
ISO 9001 certification reacquired
ㆍ1997.07 Addition in Calibration service [field: d.c, a.c]
ㆍ1996.04 Addition in Calibration service [field: d.c, a.c]
ㆍ1996.03 UL mark in 7 type of Temp. controller
New technology NT mark in temp. controller and Timer / Counter
ㆍ1996.02 UL mark in 7 type of Timer / Counter
ㆍ1996.01 CE mark in 10 type of Temp. controller
ㆍ1995.11 UL mark in 2 type of Timer controller
ㆍ1995.10 EM Best product quality certification acquired in 3 type of product
ㆍ1994.02 Acquire of ISO 9001 certification
ㆍ1993.10 Organization of Research and Development team
ㆍ1993.06 Opening of Daegu branch office
ㆍ1992.08 Elected as Technology advancing campany
ㆍ1991.11 Certification of 2ea temperature controller in authorizing KS mark.[KSC 1613, 1614]
ㆍ1991.03 Elected as Company for instance military service
ㆍ1990.12 Opening of Busan branch office / Elected as Calibrating Service center
[field: middle temp.1, high, high temp.2]
ㆍ1990.10 Establishment of Plastic Engineering factory / Opening of Guro branch office
ㆍ1989.07 Certification of 2ea temperature controller in authorizing KS mark. [KSC 1604, 1608]
ㆍ1987.10 Elected as Quality Control enterprise
ㆍ1984.10 Opening of Jongro branch office
ㆍ1972.10 Establishment of HANYOUNG Electronic

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