GasDNA are a specialized developer and manufacturer of combustible, toxic gas detectors and infrared thermometers and are focusing on developing and distributing more convenient and stable gas detectors and infrared thermometers.'
Based on the technologies and expertise We've accumulated over the last 15 years; we have positioned ourselves as Korea's only infrared thermometer manufacturer. We are planning to expand into not only the domestic market, but also overseas markets.
Our corporate philosophy is "to maximize the usage value of technology by developing customer-oriented products."
To realize this philosophy, we are operating a system that reflects our customers' needs at the product development stage and the specificity of various use sites.
As a result, we have developed and manufactured efficient and reliable products based on state-of-the-art technologies, and we have become the world's leading company in the gas detector and Infrared thermometer field.
We promise that we will continue to devote ourselves to research and development, and will ensure your safety and our product quality in accordance with the quality assurance K mark and ISO14000, CE, ATEX, IECEX quality system to maximize value for our customers.
GasDNA History are as below:
2017 ~
Developed Pyrolyzer Module(NF3,SF6,WF6)
Developed Power Over Ethernt(PoE) Webpage
2016 ~
Acquired ATX, IECEX for DA100
Developed N20 Amalyzer of Sucked, attaction type
2015 ~
Acquired KR (Korean Register of Shipping Certification)
Developed Infrared Rays Thermometer for FILM (FILM-7.9)
Developed Infrared Rays Thermometer for Glass (GLASS-5.2)
Developed oxygen analyzer of Zirconia sensor (DA-60)
Developed IR-Brazing for Brazing(fire penetration)
Developed Gas Detector that can sense NF3, SF6
2014 ~
Developed View type Infrared thermometer (IR-VIEW)
Developed Non-Contact subminiature Fixed Infrared thermometer (IR-compact,IR-22)
Developed Non contact Temperature + Smoke Detector(TS-60)
Acquired CE-Mark for IR-Compact
2013 ~
Develops two color pyrometer (SS-100, 2IGA-100 )
Takes part in an overseas exhibition (Sensor + Test 2013, Nuremberg, Germany)
2012 ~
Develops the wireless environment instrument IAQ-700
Registers a patent for infrared thermometer
Acquires the SD-50 CE mark
Takes part in overseas exhibitions (Industrial Automation Show, Hannover, Germany and Shanghai, China)
2010 ~
Selected as a promising SME in Incheon
2009 ~
Develops a silicon pyrometer
Develops the InGaAs pyrometer
2008 ~
Develops the TCD hydrogen meter for the first time in Korea
2007 ~
Designated as a venture company
2006 ~
Develops the NDIR detector for the first time in Korea
2005 ~
Performs a technical evaluation on the utility model
Applies for a utility model and registers a design of a smoke detector
Acquires ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications
2004 ~
2004 GASDNA Co., Ltd. is founded
Field Service
Field Service Engineers are dedicated to providing expert, on-site support every step of the way. These services include:
· On-site audit to determine your measurement needs
· Project Management
· Installation and Commissioning
· Training
· On-Site Repair and Calibration
System Service
GasDNA offers customized service packages to meet your specific support needs. Our system level services offer comprehensive support for your entire system at significant discounts. Available system level packages vary greatly depending on your system, but the key benefits of any service package includes:
· A maintenance program designed specifically for your application
· Advanced scheduling of GasDNA field engineering services for pre ventative maintenance
· Flex days to use for training, consulting, or repairs
· All preventative maintenance parts and labor inclusive
· Unlimited technical support
· Bundled savings on services
· Discounts on spare parts, upgrades, and training
· Repairs

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