AkuSense is a leading sensor application solution provider with full design and manufacturing capabilities. AkuSense is also a high-tech enterprise as listed by the Chinese government. AkuSense was established in 2010 in Shenzhen, the "China Silicon Valley". AkuSense has two (2) product development teams with one in Shenzhen China and the other one in Seattle USA. Team members are experienced sensor designers lead by an US sensor expert with 30 years of experience in sensor design innovation and providing solution to meet customer's needs.
AkuSense's technical expertises are in the following sensing technologies: Photoelectric, Inductive, Hall, Capacitive, Laser, Ultrasonic, Milimeter Wave,Pressure Film and wireless communication in industrial products. From the beginning technical feasibility assessment to manufacturing and quality control, AkuSense is confident that we can meet your requirements and we can help you in gaining your competitiveness.
AkuSense welcomes OEM/ODM projects, our professional service team will response to your request with speed and passion!
Adding Value, creating value-adding sensors for you!

Business Philosophy


Self innovation: maintaining the truth, sustaining self development, meeting up challenges everyday, expanding self potential without limits
Gratitude and concern: keeping the gratitude and caring attitude, treating people with courtesy and respect
Team work: maintaining good communication and harmonious coexistence, initiating the spirit of team cooperation
Go all out: pursueing all the possibilities, often with the best methods and actions to try hard


Pursuiting of customer satisfaction: always take customer's position into consideration and meeting customer's expectations. Pursuiting long-term customer trust and satisfaction
Fair and sound business engagement: compliance of social laws and regulations, with a high level of ethics, fair business practices
Improving employee satisfaction: respect for individualism, personality and diversity; establish mutual trust, mutual cooperation relationship; establish a "Dream" and "Pride" of the workplace
Independence of the management: insisting on the staff as the main body, independent management; growing the business to create our own happiness Promote social contribution activities: a "good person" attitude, toward the social and various fields to actively promote social contributions

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