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Around the world, companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical manufacturing industries rely on Spark Engineering for our industry knowledge, experience and expertise to provide products and solutions that improve automation efficiency, maintain product quality, and protect operator safety. We are experts in advanced optics, LED, laser, and photoelectric circuits, offering sensors for tablet fill level monitoring and count verification, cap and closure inspection, print and label verification, and product identification and serialization. We have the industry’s most complete family of safeguarding devices, allowing customers to design the highest level of safety into a machine, without compromising productivity. LED products from Spark provide clear status indication and bright, uniform illumination for machines, processes and workstations. We have a complete line-up of actuators, ideal for medical assembly, medical kitting and storage retrieval systems. Our proprietary wireless products enable the monitoring of critical sensing points for flow, level, temperature and other processes on remote assets. For demanding environments, we offer a number of products designed for high pressure wash-down, Clean-in-Place (CIP), Sterile-in-Place (SIP), chemical resistance (Ecolab Certified), and hazardous areas.

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  1. Manoj says:

    You have a great website and the content is very thorough and accurate.
    Representation of industrial automation products was very necessary in the UAE and Dubai.
    I’m glad you have famous brands like Hanyoung, optex and more.

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